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Writing and Communication Articles

A range of articles available on the web that  we thought were worth sharing with a wider audience. The pieces, some more tongue-in-cheek than others,  cover a variety of  topics connected with good writing and communication.

Why  is Business Writing So Bad?
David Silverman - Harvard Publishing

Thinking Outside the Box is the Most Despised Business Jargon
Aislinn Simpson -  Daily Telegraph

Top Quality Business Writing
Michael Egan - Journal for Quality and Participation

State Employees' Lack of Writing Skills Cost Nearly $250m
The Associated Press -  USA Today

Beat Business Jargon
Heidi LaFleche - Content Monster

What Corporate America Can’t Build – a Sentence
Sam Dillon - New York Times

The Effects of Poor Writing Skills on Business
Karen Ellen  - eHOW

Why Does Grammar Matter?
Richard Norquist - Grammar and Composition

10 Business Words to Ban
David Silverman - Harvard Business

Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well
Brian Clark -

How to Make Clear, Concise Writing…Immortal?
Phillip Yaffe - Business Week

Public Speaking Gaffes
Donna Rosato - Money CNN

How to Not Use PowerPoint

Seven Types of Bad Writing
Matthew Stibbe - Bad Language

How to Revise an Email So People Will Read It
David Silverman - Harvard Business

How to Revise an Email (Revised)
David Silverman - Harvard Business


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