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Writing Emails that Get Results

A one day course teaching managers how to write clear and effective emails that get results.

As more and more commerce is conducted through the internet, emails play a greater role than ever before. Yet companies frequently overlook the importance of email, because it is seen as an informal style of communication. Informally it may be, but it is a legally enforceable document. So a poorly written or an ambiguous email could potentially be very expensive.

This course has a heavy emphasis on interactive teaching, so each module starts with theory and then reinforces its ideas with practical writing exercises. Throughout the course the delegates' writing will be individually assessed. We can also provide a version of this course for non-native English speakers.


Writing Emails that Get Results
Course Sessions:

  • Module 1 – How do you make your email stand out from all the others?

  • Module 2 – What you must get into the first line of any email.

  • Module 3 - Formatting your email for maximum effect.

  • Module 4 – Legal and contractual issues to be aware of when writing an email.

  • Module 5 – Email grammar and punctuation.

  • Module 6 – Principles of factual writing applied to emails.

  • Module 7 – How formal or informal should you be in an email? How can you create a rapport with your reader?

  • Module 8 – Email etiquette - blunders and errors to avoid.

  • Module 9 – Feedback and questions.

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