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Communicating For Success

Why Good Communication Matters

“British Telecom cut customer queries by 25 percent by using clearer language”.

“The Royal Mail saved £500,000 in nine months by redesigning one form in plain English”.

“A UK Government Plain English initiative saved £9 million in printing costs”.

The Importance of A Clear Message

Good communication is essential for  an organisation's relationships with customers and with its employees, but too often this is a skill that is neglected. Yet for any company or group, the ability to  sell a message effectively is vital, and clear and concise writing is essential for reaching this goal. 

It may seem blatantly obvious that presenting your ideas powerfully is important. Often, however, companies think if they have a great product or service, the client will realise the importance of what they are saying and that somehow the product will sell itself. But sadly it is never possible to separate presentation from content, if the value of your product or idea is buried in an impenetrable report, your client may never understand its significance. So they may never grasp the full worth of the services you are offering.

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