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Business Writing Course for New Employees

This course will give new employees a comprehensive grounding in writing clear and concise documents. Over two days, delegates will gradually build up the skills and tools they need to write effectively. Each module starts with theory and then reinforces its ideas with practical writing exercises. The course starts with short exercises and gradually builds up to more complicated ones, as the delegates become more skilled at writing. Throughout the course, delegates’ writing will be individually assessed. We also provide a version of this course for non-native English speakers.

The speed with which we can move from one part of the course to the next will largely depend upon the skill level of the group being trained. The course is designed to work for between six and eight delegates. 

Business Writing for New Employees
Day 1 Sessions:

  • Module 1 - Overview of the key factors in any effective document: a powerful opening, a highly focussed message, and a concise narrative leading to a clear conclusion. Always keep in mind the message you need to get across to your reader.

  • Module 2 - Refresher on sentence and paragraph structure

  • Module 3 – Reminder of key points of grammar and punctuation

  • Module 4 – Basic principles of clear effective business writing

  • Module 5 - Adapting your writing for different readers, always think what does your reader need to know, NOT what do I want to tell him or her. Generally, the wider your audience, the less detail they will require.

  • Module 6 – How to write without using  business or management jargon, and much simpler solutions for expressing the same thoughts and ideas. 

Day 2 Sessions:

  • Module 7 – How to plan and structure a document and a look at the various narrative techniques that can be used to help develop a clear narrative flow.

  • Module 8 - "Signposting" techniques for guiding a reader through your document, essential for enhancing understanding.

  • Module 9 – Ten key points to remember when writing an executive summary, email or progress report

  • Module 10 – Techniques for editing and proof reading your writing

  • Module 11 – Final feedback session

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