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Writing Winning Tenders and Proposals

This course is run over two  days. During this time, delegates will learn how to build up the very precise skills and tools needed to write successful tender documents. This course is usually run on bespoke basis, so it can be focused on the specific needs of the company who has hired us. We can also provide a different version of this training for non-native English speakers.

The course is taught with the aid of interactive teaching and much of their time will be spent on practical busiess writing exercises, which will be individually assessed throughout the two days.

How quickly we can move from one part of the course to the next will largely be determined by the business writing skills of the group we are training. The course is run for a maximum of eight delegates at a time. 

Writing Winning Tenders and Proposals
Day 1 Sessions:

  • Module 1 – Why writing your bid effectively can make the difference between gaining or losing the contract

  • Module 2 – The bid process – examining examples of Invitation to Tenders and Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, what works, what doesn’t?

  • Module 3 - What are the key questions to ask before constructing any bid?

  • Module 4 – What are the facts you must include?

  • Module 5 - Working out the unique strengths of your bid

  • Module 6 – How to make your bid stand out from the competition

  • Module 7 – When should you decide not to go for an Invitation to Tender or bid?

  • Module 8 – Basic principles of factual business writing needed in bid writing

Day 2 Sessions:

  • Module 9 – How to keep your reader hooked

  • Module 10 – Writing without technical jargon

  • Module 11 – Examining case studies of failed bids, how might these have been approached differently?

  • Module 12 – Developing a bid document plan, section by section

  • Module 13 – Tackling the most important section of all – the executive summary

  • Module 14 – Editing your final bid document

  • Module 15 – Feedback and question session

If you would like more information on Writing Winning Proposals or Tenders or any of our other business writing courses, please ring us on 020 8560 2056, email or contact us

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