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Two Day Media Training Course

This two day media training course gives a comprehensive training of the skills and tools that managers and other employees need to master when dealing with the media. We also run a specialised version of this course for scientists, engineers and doctors. The course is taught by  highly experienced producers who work in national TV today. So you can be assured that the advice you will receive on this course could not be more current or more up-to-date.

This is a highly interactive course which gives delegates the chance to practice media training techniques and to receive individual focussed feedback.

It covers everything from writing press releases, to chairing press conferences, to learning how to survive a range of different interview approaches. Delegates will have plenty of time to rehearse techniques in all these areas, including interview practice with a professional TV journalist. They will also be able to take away a DVD of their  interviews. The course is run for a maximum of eight clients at a time. The group course starts from £3,495 + VAT.

Two Day Media Training Course
Day 1 Sessions:

  • Module 1 – Demystifying the media, how the different broadcast, newspaper and internet outlets work. What sort of stories are journalists looking for?

  • Module 2 – The secrets to handling the media – the successes and the failures. What should you do when you get a call from a journalist? What are his or her priorities likely to be? How can you avoid being misquoted?

  • Module 3 – Preparing for an interview. What are the different types of interview you are likely to be asked to do? How are press, TV and radio interviews likely to differ? What are the essential points you must establish before agreeing to do any interview? What should you say, how should you say it, and what should you wear?

  • Module 4 – Press Interview exercise: delegates have a chance to practice press interviews, covering everything from trade journals to national newspapers. What are likely to be the different agendas of these publications? How can you ensure you get the right message across?

  • Module 5 -  Radio and TV interview practice. Delegates get the chance to experience what it is like to do an interview “down the line”, when they can’t  see the interviewer. Then they have the chance to do a face-to-face interview with a national TV journalist. 

  • Module 6 – Feedback and individual assessment of press, radio and TV interviews. What worked, what didn’t?

  • Module 7 – Feedback from second interview sessions and  questions.

Day 2 Sessions:

  • Module 1 – The “hard” and “soft” interview approach. Day 1 sessions dealt with “softer” interviews. Today, delegates have a chance to experience what it’s like to do a much tougher interview. What are the dynamics, how do you stay calm and professional?

  • Module 2 - “Hard” Interview exercise. Delegates have their trickiest assignment yet, as they try to stay unflustered and focussed in the face of constant and aggressive questioning. What are the most effective techniques for dealing with this type of interview?

  • Module 3 – Feedback and individual assessment from interviews and a chance to have a second practice session.

  • Module 4 – What happens if you or your company has a story you want to get into the media? What’s the most effective approach?

  • Module 5 – Structuring and writing an effective press release. How can you maintain or improve your company’s profile in the media?

  • Module 6 – Techniques for chairing a press conference.

  • Module 7 – Final feedback session and questions.

If you would like more information about the Two Day Media Training Course or any of our other courses, please ring us on 020 8560 2056, email or contact us

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